What’s it about?

There’s a simple question people have started to ask me about my recently published book – what’s it about? Song of the Sea God is available on Amazon here.

I do have a simple answer, what in America is called an elevator pitch. The book is about a man who washes up on an island and tries to convince the local people he is a god.

That’s ok as far as it goes – but it’s an unsatisfactory shorthand for what is a somewhat more complicated situation. What the book is about depends on how you look at it.

I suppose I could say that in a wider sense it’s a book about religion and spirituality – what it is, how it works, what it means to people. But that makes it sound like some sort of philosophical treatise when in fact it’s nothing of the sort – it’s a tall tale, full of jokes and asides, shocks and twists.

You could also see it as the story of the narrator Bes – mute and dwarfish, an outsider in a close-knit community, who suddenly becomes a central point in a great and unexpected drama.

There are also other ways of reading the book, depending on your point of view. If you were religious for example, you might choose to read it as the story of a false prophet. If you were an atheist you might see it as a critique on the nature of religion and the way gods are ‘made’.

So what is Song of the Sea God about? I’d love it if you could read it and let me know!


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