Great interview here about my writing and about Song of the Sea God – it was great to talk in detail about my work and the themes of the book with a fellow author who has read and enjoyed it!

Magic of the Ordinary

Song of sea GodREVIEW

I read this novel firstly with a varied pace. Then I read it a second time, unhurried and savouring the rich writing, wry language and insights, as well as literary references and nods that are entwined within the characters of this wild narrative. I will probably read it a third time.

Chris Hill has delivered a masterly first novel, one that is crafted and measured yet shining through with the intensity and passion that comes from deep inspiration. The story takes place on an isolated, depressed Island noted most for its use as a rubbish tip and its possession of an ugly statue by a lesser known sculpture. Into the stale but stoic lives of desperation, pub flirtations and surface emotions comes John Love, a charismatic shamanic medium washed up from the sea. The name, like many of the names in the novel, is significant.

Love’s presence is not…

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    • Ah – my publisher doesn’t do Nook I’m afraid – Kindle and good old fashioned paperback, which is what I favour! Do Nooks not read Kindle then? I’m a little baffled by the technology!

  1. I am also looking forward to reading it, but I’ve promised myself I will read my current stock of books before buying any more. It’s next on my list, though, Chris, and I will buy the real, solid 100% genuine paperback book 🙂

    • thanks Val! I’m still an old school book person really I suppose – even though I make bigger royalties if people buy the kindle version. since I’m not in danger of getting rich either way I like to see the book sell.

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