Chris Hill-Interview

Thanks to Lynn from Chicago for this fascinating little interview which got to grips with some important aspects of Song of the Sea God.

Lynn M's Blog

Here is an interview I did with author Chris Hill on Song of the Sea God.  He lives in the UK and I sent him these five questions because I was curious about his characters.  I felt it would make a good college discussion because there are so many surprising twists. Here is what how he replied:


1. Who does John Love represent to you?

Firstly, thank you Lynn for having me along here to your blog, it’s a real pleasure to be here.

Just to put it in context, for people who have not read the book, Song of the Sea God tells the story of a man who comes to a small island off the coast of England and tries to convince the local people he is a god. It’s a story about the nature of religion and what it means to people.

John Love is my…

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