Can a novelist work in more than one genre?

pua1People have been asking me recently about the differences between my current book The Pick-Up Artist and my previous one Song of the Sea God. Specifically, they want to know if it is easy to switch between literary fiction which I did in Sea God, and a more light-hearted, more or less rom-com style which I adopt in Pick-Up Artist.


Song of the Sea GodWell, readers will be the judge of whether I managed to make that transition, though the early Amazon reviews have been positive thankfully, but I would say, I didn’t find switching styles, or genres, to be too much of a stretch.


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How to help a writer

puacoverOkay, so I know I run the risk of being a bit presumptuous here but, let’s just say you’ve read my latest book The Pick-Up Artist (available from all good book stores and, you know, Amazon) and you rather liked it.

Let’s further presume that you would like to help it on its way a little. What can you, the reader, do for the book? Doesn’t have to be my book of course – any book.

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The perils of publicity for authors

photo 3It’s publicity time for The Pick-Up Artist at the moment, which means I have to do various interviews etc for the media. Being a literary small fry this mostly means local press and radio, local mags, that sort of thing.

The first problem for me is having my photo taken. This is something you become gradually more allergic to as you get older I think.

When I was in my 20s it didn’t bother me one bit having my picture in the papers. I was a newspaper reporter back then and I remember one occasion when I was writing a series of features on a body-building competition they printed a full length picture of me on the front page wearing just a pair of budgie-smugglers. Did I mind? Did I heck – such are the joys of youth.

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Not a lot of plots in fiction?

There seem to be as many theories about plot out there as there are stories in the naked city. Some experts will tell you there are seven basic plots, some that there are 20 some that there are 36.

But then some people will tell you there is only one plot in the whole of fiction, and that plot is…

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The Undercover Soundtrack – Chris Hill

My Memories of a Future Life

for logo‘Men, women, flirtation and heartbreak’

Once a week I host a writer who uses music as part of their creative environment – perhaps to connect with a character, populate a mysterious place, or hold  a moment still to explore its depths. This week’s post is by prizewinning novelist and short story writer Chris Hill @Chilled CH

Soundtrack by Bobby Fuller Four, Sonic Youth, Little Jackie, Chad and Jeremy, The Emotions, Sufjan Stevens

My latest book The Pick-Up Artist is the story of a young man’s inept attempts to find love through a web community called the pick-up artists who claim to use psychological techniques to help their members appeal to the opposite sex.

Chris Hill3Authors write books for all sorts of reasons I suppose. Some, a lot smarter and richer than me, will choose what to write based on market research and audience demographics. For myself, what I write starts not…

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