Are libraries what they once were?



As a kid, with my nose in a book, I was often to be found in a library. This would be while the cool kids were outside playing the football with the jumpers for goalposts or hanging around the public toilets in the park snuffling glue from distressed plastic bags.

There are still libraries these days of course, but they are not what they were. Hindsight is a wonderful Technicolor thing and I don’t want to make it sound like the book depositories of my provincial British childhood were like the fabled library of Alexandria while the current ones are like some charity shop bargain bin, so let’s not overstate the case. But …

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Sign here please

Chris Hill, Waterstones signingA little thing which changes when you become a published author is that sometimes people ask you to sign things. By things I mean books, and by sometimes I mean not very often.

But it’s still curious when it happens – the idea that your signature adds something to a copy of your book, that it’s a thing people want to see on there. It’s flattering of course, but also a little embarrassing maybe – something which makes you bashful.

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David J Rodger – Author Profile

One of the joys of blogging and social media is meeting fellow writers from around the world – and I’ve been lucky to have many of them visit me here. But today I have as a guest an author who’s more or less down the road from me – I’m delighted to welcome the Bristol based Sci Fi author David J Rodger.


David J Rodger holding OakfieldTell me a little bit about yourself as a person?
I’m 44, live in Bristol England but originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne. I moved from Newcastle when I was 21 but maintain strong connections to the place. Possibly as a result of my Northern roots I have a reputation for talking to anybody and getting into bizarre scenarios – often interesting and part of the journey of discovery that life should be, all grist for the writing mill, including the few less savoury experiences. My mother was a Norwegian, from a tiny place in the Polar Circle and I have a large family over there; it is a country I love to visit. Travelling is a big part of my life. Again, new experiences and adventure.

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