Song of the Sea God

song-of-the-sea-god-visualMy novel Song of the Sea God is published by Skylight Press.

It’s available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon UK and USA.

You can also order it from your favourite bookshop on the High Street.

It’s a literary novel and perhaps the easiest way to describe what it’s about is to include the publisher’s description of the book:

Along with the strange flotsam of the sea, the aptly named John Love drifts in on the grey North Sea tide to grace a remote island off the English coast.

The stranger, both bedazzling and unnerving, effects an immediate messianic glow upon the bladder-wracked community of odds and sods, making disciples of the most unlikely characters. Chris Hill’s visionary and delightfully bizarre novel reads like the gospel for a neophyte religion spawning in the sea foam among strange goings-on.

It examines how destiny is the result of the collective will, especially among tribal folk who forever yearn to conform to ancient cants and creeds.

Song of the Sea God comes from both the ancient incantations of history and mythology and the awkward cadences of the modern age. The plot is riddled with humour and pathos, which will delight fans of the contemporary British literary novel.  With rich symbolism and delicious twists of irony, Hill takes the reader on a microcosmic wild ride in a story told by a mute that starts in a pub called The Vengeance.  Along the way the reader is treated to a feast of psychotic musings that somehow manages to include miracles, Tip Rats, plastic ducks, the life of pebbles, and a Diary of Stools.

ISBN: 978-1-908011-55-8

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